January 23, 2006

2 of 3 in Application monitoring

Segue and ProactiveNet issued a press release about integration. These components, from different vendors, represent the big two of three killer components for the ultimate application monitoring system. I see the big three components of the ultimate application monitoring package as:

- Backend, internal, application specific monitoring (see VA2!!)
- Frontend active tests of application transactions (Segue)
- Passive HTTP monitoring (ProactiveNet)

If these features could be put together and tightly integrated effectively for an application such as Siebel, the business could see in real time every user's experience from the passive HTTP monitoring. Active/synthetic robots would help alert with geographic/network based issues, and the backend application monitoring would keep an eye on all the trends and internal components and integration systems.

For Siebel, one of the biggest packaged application systems in the world, there isn't a monitoring package from one vendor that automatically does all three. And talk about cost: You couldn't get close to a resonable return on investment with most vendors, cobbling together different pieces to get the killer 3 of application monitoring.

If the right architecture was put together that addressed all three of these components and dramatically lowered the cost, it would be a big advancement. And the same system could be applied to nearly every other packaged application system(SAP, Oracle, ad infintium), and any consumer based web/ecommerce system too.

Posted by choppen5 at 02:35 PM