September 03, 2007

How long does it take VA2 to react to events?

Question: How long does it take VA2 to react to different events, for example Services shut down?

There are different scenarios were events and reactions will be processed. Total time includes the time an Event is generated, and in some cases the time it takes to generate a Reaction, in response to the Event. Some Event generation in VA2 is real time, and some is defined by a poll interval where the particular Service or component is checked.

Here are some examples:

Shut down a service VA2 is monitoring
Event generation time
- stopping a service, such as Siebel service, may take a minute or two (depending on env)
- VA2 LSM will check the service status according to the Poll interval
- event generation will happen at the Poll interval
- Default Poll interval is 30 seconds.
- Event generation will happen. According to the settings, VA2 may try restarting.
Reaction time
- Executed with poll interval on the central server

Log event error
Event Generation:
- real time, the error in the log should generate an event immediatly
- Executed with poll interval on the central server

Siebel Component failure
Event Generation:
- Siebel component status is harvested at the poll interval
- Plus harvest time for component status.
- Harvest time depends on how many Siebel tasks, components, etc running for that server
- After components and task status is collected, compared against Notification rules

VA2 Central Server:
- At Poll Interval, the VA2 Central server executes Analysis rules
- The particular Analysis Rule timing may execute (1 minute to 1 week) to check component status for example
- Event generated as result of the Analysis Rule
- Fired in response to the Analysis Rule generating an event

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