April 15, 2008

Install Ruby vs Install Catalyst

I've been researching Ruby on Rails vs Catalyst. I liked the looks of Catalyst because it is written in Perl, and has produced some pretty amazing sites such as EditGrid. Can that be really due to Catalyst?
What is that front end?? Menu's, etc.

Ruby on Rails, on the other hand, seems much more popular. At least judged by Dice job postings. 16 vs 360 in Ruby's favor. Another few things about it: I'm not a Perl novice but Catalyst was pretty hard to install. Downloaded 1/2 of CPAN seems like. At the end I was kind of left looking around... where to start? Ruby on Rails, I started with Instant Rails. I have an Appache Server now running, all in one directory with no installs. True, I am also now at the... where to start? stage too.

Posted by choppen5 at 06:44 AM