November 21, 2006

Is a Siebel upgrade worth the money?

I saw this on ask a CRM Expert. The question is whether it is worth it to upgrade from Siebel 7.04. Unfortunately, that website doesn't take any comments. Kind of ruins the interactive possiblities of publishing these says. So had to blog from afar.

First: the answer is yes. Siebel 7.04 is a dog. It had serious memory use issues in the browser that made it particularily slow, mostly fixed in Siebel 7.53 and even better in later versions.

Second: I don't think William Bands calculations are correct for a 7.04 to 7.53 upgrade of Siebel. Not even close, the upgrade could be done for much less and almost no rework. If it was a 6.x to 7 Siebel upgrade, you could be looking a much higher costs. Many competent integrators could upgrade for much much lower than 4x the license cost, and there is no direct licence cost for Siebel upgrades if you are Siebel maintenace program.

Final question, is asking a question of an expert who doesn't actually know the technology at hand worth the money? Even if it's free? You might get the wrong answer.

Posted by choppen5 at 08:54 PM