December 22, 2004

Its an open world

Several interesting open source products I've looked at lately. One is Nagios - written for Linix primarily. It looks like it has lots of commerical customers, and a mature plug-in architecture. UI is all web based. Then there is MTRG, an absolute vetran in the monitoring game, although more on the display side than the nagging alerts some of us specialize in. Pretty inspiring to see the huge user bases of these products. And, ARM - Application Response Measurement standard is a open - and Siebel and IBM based SARM upon the ARM standard.

Another one, out of the monitoring space but making a big splash, is Sugar CRM. I like the idea - as a programmer - having full control of a Enterprise application. Sugar is a venture backed Open source deal... is that even possible? Everybody is wondering on slashdot.

Posted by choppen5 at 08:01 PM