December 18, 2007

IVRs compatible with Genesys

IVR - Interactive Voice Response. Sometimes refered to as Voice Response Unit or VRU. Traditionally is used for the automated portion of the phone call, where the caller selects menu options. "Interactive" because the system takes caller input, often in the form of key pad entries (DTMF tones) or voice recognition, and responds with dynamic options based on caller input. At the end of that process, the phone call is often transferred to a live agent - if the call is not an entirely self service phone call. Use of IVRs generally reduce costs for call centers by reducing the amount of agents needed to service phone calls, or add efficiency once it arrives to the agent with more information.

Occasionally an IVR is actually useful to the customer too... for example flight status tracking.

Typically, an IVR may attach information to the phone call, such as the customer entered account number. When the call is transferred to the ACD (Automatic call distribution) or call routing system, it then decides which agent to send the call to based on information entered in the IVR. So the IVR and the ACD system must be compatible.

Genesys provides the most advanced call routing software available, and is the market leader in the category. Genesys is compatible with a number of IVRs, listed below. If you are using Genesys for your routing and CTI software, you want use a IVR system that integrates with it.

Genesys Voice Platform - this is Genesys version of an IVR. Using this system, you do not need to buy a seperate IVR, and it is 100% compatible with the entire Genesys suite.

MAjor IVR vendors that Genesys is also compatible with:

Intervocie Brite
Nortel MPS
Microsoft Speech Server
Show N Tell

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