April 10, 2009

Modifying Siebel Monitoring libraries with VA2 MMC debugger

VA2 MMC is a GUI/configuration application that can run on any server, and connect to the VA2 environment via ODBC and standard network connetions.

The recommended place to run the VA2 MMC for development tasks/rule configuration is on the same host that hosts the VA2 Central Server. That is because when testing an Analysis Rule or Statistic in debug mode, you ideally want the debugger code running on the same machine that as it will be executed on the server, once the rule is in production. Here is a tutuorial on how to use the VA2 MMC to and write a simple analysis rule, and a screenshot of the debugger output.

VA2 MMC Install Directory:

The default VA2 Install directory is C:\Program Files\Vadmin2. You are free to change that during install, but many leave it a default.

Some of the important files it has in it include:

How to test a debugger.exe gets launched:

When you open a VA2 Analysis rule and press 'Launch Debugger' the C:\Program Files\Vadmin2\debugger.exe is launched.

It uses files in that directory, for example siebsrvobj.pm, if checking on Siebel objects.

How to change siebsrvrobj.pm and then promote the code to the Central Server:

VA2 is a (partially) open source application, and it allows you to change the underlying libraries that used for monitoring. One of the most important is siebsrvobj.pm, which contains most of the Siebel Monitoring methods. You might want to extend or modify that file for your own needs, or even write new lmethods and share it with the VA2 community.

If you needed to change siebsrvrobj.pm (or any other local file in the MMC directory) you would first change it there and then run the debugger. You would want to verify the results and make sure your development is done before promoting the code the the VA2 Central Server.

If everything checks out, you could move the siebsrvobj.pm to the VA2 Central Server directory. The default for that C:\Program Files\VA2\centralservice\bin\lib\

Restaring the Central Server:

When changes are made to the \lib directory for the VA2 Central Server, the service must be restarted to pick up the changes to the library.

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