April 17, 2008

OAUG Knowledge Factory

I recieved an email from the Oracle Application User group, touting the "the ultimate collaborative knowledge resource" for users. The Knowldege Factory "Using Web 2.0 technology, an online forum that facilitates information sharing and networking among users, the user-driven Web content management experience" including:

-Blogs and Discussions
-OAUG Conference Paper Database

It is so hard for creaky old Enterprsie Software behmoths who are used to closing off everything, restricting access, and walling off users from each other. This is a good move, but it really is only open to paying members OAUG. Really more in the model of enterprise/closed/walled garden than Web 2.0 approach.

I hope their "Web 2.0" technology is better than their email technology, look at the screen shot with black HTML used:

Posted by choppen5 at 04:31 PM