November 15, 2004

Search files in real time

Well, one area that VA2 has proven to be consistently good at is monitoring log directories. This article about how to search windows log files in real time hopefully makes it clear that this is an easy thing to do with VA2. How many people want to monitor log directories for errors? That is a good question. Could be many, depending on the type of application that needs to be monitored. I'd venture to guess that the most common scenario where log directories need to be monitored is in integration scenarios, where a new file is created for every error, and a monitoring system, such as VA2, responds to each individual log file or phrase that represents an error. Kinda like the system described in this pdf about integration system monitoring. Hopefully people beyond the Siebel world will look at VA2 for log monitoring, as it works on any Windows machine.

Posted by choppen5 at 08:16 AM