March 06, 2007

Siebel Monitoring Software List

Semi definitive list of Siebel Monitoring Software vendors

Here is an update, first for years. Not all the entries are updated. Since first publishing this list, there have been major mergers, acquisitions, and changes in the Siebel monitoring landscape. The biggest recent news I believe will continue influce the space is the release of Siebel Diagnostic Tool for Oracle Enterprise Manager.

VA2 - the oldest, and probably smallest, easiest, cheapest, and most flexible Siebel monitoring application. Does not require a monitoring platform to use. Follows a toolkit methodology, where the customers customize VA2 to monitor the components of Siebel and integrations most important to them.

Oracle Enteprise Manager for Siebel

BMC - Patrol for Siebel

CA Introscope for Siebel

Quest Foglight for Siebel

Tivoli for Siebel p>

Mercury Bought by HP

Hermes SoftLab


Concord Bought by CA

Veritas Bought by Symantec.


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