February 17, 2007

Siebel on Linux vs Solaris x86

Well, if the date on edelivery.oracle.com is right, the actual release date for Siebel on Linux is 2/16/2007. That is following press releases that mention that Siebel would be supported on Linux. Could this be the first blog to mention that it is actually availible for download?

Interesting to see here, but if you go edelivery.oracle.com, follow the links to download Siebel, and choose Solaris, there is no x86 verision availible. This is after some pretty major hype about porting Siebel to Solaris x86 in late 2004. One wouldn't think is a big deal, since it runs on Solaris Sparc already??. Apparently Siebel 8 on Linux x86 beat em to the punch.

So, Siebel is listed to support the Solaris SPARC versions, and I'll see if I can get it installed on Solaris x86. But before I do that, I'm tempted to download Siebel 8 for Linux. It would be interesting to see which versions would run on Solaris x86 - Siebel for x86 Linux or Siebel for Solaris SPARC?

Posted by choppen5 at 09:00 AM