January 30, 2004

Spotlight on Siebel Resonse Time

Wow. I've just watched the flash presentation that Quest distributes. Spolight product looks extemely impressive. VA2 can't do anything like that. The passive monitoring feature is interesting, as it intercepts the network calls and and analyizes the responses to them. The feature that allows the display of the response time per APPLET is really amazing. Configuration takes forever, and tracking the user experience like this is key for determining which area's need the most help. Too bad it doesn't work with Siebel 6. And I wonder how they developed it? Must have been a very close relationship with Siebel - or just carefull watching of the construction of the HTTP request, which do always contain information about applets and views. HMM. Based on the flash demo, 2 thumbs up.

Posted by choppen5 at 08:10 PM