April 14, 2009

Troubleshoot VA2 Events and Reactions

Scenario: You have configured VA2 to monitor your Siebel Environment, and have configured Analsyis Rules and Reactions to automatically detect and correct Siebel problems.

However, when you test the condition, you do not get the notification email or the reaction that corrects the system. What to do?

First, make sure you have read the tutorial on Event generation, and understand the requirements.

For troubleshooting steps, the following are suggested steps:

1. Did an event get generated?

You can determine that by checking the Event Table in VA2. You can also check vcs.log on the central server.

VA2 Event Table

2. Was the event Procesed? (You may have to check the logs or the UI for this

3. If both are true, did the Reaction fire (You can tell from the email you recieve, or in your case with no email check the log vcs.log)

4. If the reaction fired, did it do the expected action?

Posted by choppen5 at 07:58 PM