February 11, 2008

VA2 questions - customization

1. I understand that VA2 can raise a predefined error and pulls one line from Siebel log file as per search string. However is it possible that VA2 also extracts 4 to 5 more consecutive lines of log file that appear immediately after the line having search string ?

ANSWER: No, it can not do this. The regular expressions needs to be specific to one line. This sounds like a good idea for an enhancment request though.

2. Is it possible to program VA2 ?

Example: Suppose event 1 gives me string ABC from log file and Event 2 gives me a string XYZ from log file. Is it possible that I can use ABC and XYZ in a IF kind of statement and send custom output ?

IF EXISTS(string ABC in logfile) AND EXISTS(string XYX in logfile) THEN



ANSWER: Indirectly, yes. If your log monitoring routine generates 1 event, and another log monitoring routine generates another event, you could use a VA2 analysis rule to provide the IF capability.

3. If answer to question 2 is no then is it possible for VA2 to read an external program (written in Visual Basic or Java) ?

ANSWER: Yes this is possible. VA2 accept XML RPC events. So an custom program could be written to achieve the desired results, and send an event based on the results.

4. Can I allow VA2 to monitor 2 different Siebel application (Production and Test) from single machine ?

ANSWER: Yes, that is not a problem. The VA2 repositor can monitor multiple Siebel instances. The siebns.dat file needs to be imported, (see the VA2 setup instructions).

Posted by choppen5 at 07:57 AM