February 25, 2007

Windows vs Linux x86 install for Oracle 10gR2

Lets do a very brief compare and contrast of installing Oracle 10g for Windows vs Linux.
- Windows install requires 256 Mb of memory
- Linux (I'm using Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 AKA RHEL) *requires* 1Gb of RAM
- Windows, you download from Oracle http://edelivery.oracle.com, choose cd 4 of 6 for Windows (part B24558-01 - Oracle® Database 10g Release 2 ( for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) DVD (Part 4 of 6)", that is the only one you need out of 6 downloads!
- Unzip, litterally, press setup.exe, and it walks you through the entire install.

Linux, you need to read and understand, a manual:
- set Kernel parameters, creat users, etc. Otherwise suffer comments from the like of

For a non Unix person it isn't impossible, but not easy. Even for a UNIX geek, I guarantee the Windows install is faster. There is nothing to it.

Posted by choppen5 at 05:25 PM