Siebel information

Siebel Monitor

VA2 collects and stores Siebel Server information, mapping Siebel Components to Operating System processes and making it availbile for analyis and monitoring.

- Gain the most accurate information about Siebel Server internal Component and
Task status
- Low overhead and accurate collection cycles for harvesting important Siebel server information
- Complete flexibility in reacting to Siebel information collected by VA2

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Siebel components provide core Functionality. With a glance, view Information about CPU and memory.
Use of Siebel components.
Siebel application servers are multi process Systems. Without intelligent distillation of OS level Operations correlated with Siebel Application server Tasks and components, users aren’t able to know where Component and performance bottlenecks are appearing
- VA2 allows expert insight to application
server performance

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Simple monitors of whether you Siebel Services are running are Included with
VA2 out of the box
- Siebel Gateway Services
- Siebel Server Services
- Database Availability
- Quickly define custom monitoring Rules for your Siebel deployment
- Monitor internal Siebel data, External data
- Monitor MQ Series, integration Systems
- Leverage complete flexibility and Open source community to manage your business