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July 26, 2006
Scratch one off the Siebel Monitoring List Looks like Mercury got snapped up by HP. I am a little surprised; Mercury was a major presence in the Siebel testing market, with the only product available really. And they were a growing operator in the Siebel monitoring market,... MORE...
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July 19, 2006
Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Interesting to see what has happened to OEM from Oracle, looks like Oracle's monitoring infrastructure has been much extended beyond Oracle Databases. From the datasheets, you can see there are Oracle managment packs for many products, including things like Microsoft... MORE...
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July 05, 2006
Siebel Performance Tunning This is a very interesting article about Siebel on Sun. There is a lot of in depth technical information, this is not a marketing brochure you might expect to see from certain *unnamed* OS and Application software vendors.... MORE...
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