April 09, 2009

Monitoring French Siebel Server

The steps below are an outline of how you can change siebsrvrobj.pm. Any user of VA2 has access to this library. In this case, we will modify siebsrvrobj.pm so it is compatible with French output from a French Siebel srvrmgr.

Here is the full process for modifying siebsrvobj.pm.

1. Optionally: download a good editor for perl. I like Edit Plus 3. http://www.editplus.com/download.html This color codes the code for you, makes it much easier.

2. We are going to find the code for "isappsrvrcomprunning" and edit it. We can change it manually to include the expected French value. There

3. On the machine where you are using the VA2 MMC (probably on the Central Server), search for this file: siebsrvobj.pm. Default directory is C:\Program Files\Vadmin2.

4. For the one that is for the MMC (usually Program Files > Vadmin...) You can open siebsrvobj.pm. Do a search for isappsrvrcomprunning. Then look for "sub isappsrvrcomprunning"

This is the method that takes in a component name and checks its status. You will see a line finally that says:
if ($retval =~ /Online/ || $retval =~ /Running/) {

We can change that to:
if ($retval =~ /Online/ || $retval =~ /Running/ || $retval =~ /En ligne/) {

And save the file. You then can test the rule with the MMC immediately.

5. If the rule works from the MMC, the siebsrvobj.pm needs to be moved to the VA2 Central Service Bin.

Usually here
C:\Program Files\VA2\centralservice\bin\lib

AND the Central Service needs to be restarted. This is only necessary when you want the Central Service to execute the new rules. You can change them for the MMC in debug mode without moving to the Central Server\lib and restarting.


Posted by choppen5 at 12:12 PM