January 17, 2006

Reduce Siebel Management Costs

Recursive Technology LLC announced today that SimCorp A/S (http://www.simcorp.com) has selected Recursive Technology's VA2 monitoring for system for managing their Siebel environment. SimCorp, developers of investment and treasury management systems, was searching for a solution to automate the monitoring of their international Siebel deployment. The complexity of enterprise applications such as Siebel presents a challenge to IT departments who strive to continually improve system management practices and user satisfaction. Generic network monitoring systems are not enough; specialized packages that provide insight into the application layer of Siebel such as VA2 are necessary. SimCorp considered monitoring solutions from several vendors. VA2 for Siebel was selected for several reasons:

-VA2 provides key insight into the internal performance of Siebel applications, including Siebel component and task availability, number of Siebel users, and resource usage. Automated management of internal Siebel components reduces the risk and improves administrative efficiency, increasing overall availability of the Siebel deployment and user satisfaction.

-SimCorp has an existing enterprise management system, Microsoft Operations Manager from Microsoft (MOM). Other Siebel monitoring solutions such as HP OpenView and Quest investigated by SimCorp required investment in a new enterprise monitoring platform just to manage Siebel components. SimCorp found the low overhead of implementing VA2 and integrating with MOM provided a much clearer return on investment. Management events from VA2 related to Siebel failures are harvested in MOM, and included in a larger enterprise view MOM provides for SimCorp.

About Recursive Technology LLC and VA2

Recursive Technology has been providing Siebel management software since 2000, including the first ever Siebel Server management utility downloadable over the internet. VA2™, the flagship product from Recursive Technology, provides enterprise software monitoring for Siebel and other enterprise applications. It can be used as a stand alone monitoring system, or integrated with monitoring platforms such as HP Openview, BMC Patrol, Quest, Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), or CA Unicenter.

Visit the website at http://www.recursivetechnology.com for more information.

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